Help and support

This page contains documentation and useful links which help you use the product. This page will be updated with new content and help tools regularly.

dcs portal help and support

1) Link to the Swisscom Support Community, an open online forum where clients can ask any question to the Dynamic Computing Services experts.

2) In order to get further support from Swisscom, you can either call the customer support contact number indicated here, or request online support via the “Online Request” button. Example: You want to activate a Windows OS license key on your own template server. A support agent will contact you as soon as possible in order to answer your request.

Important For incidents and time-critical cases please ONLY use the telephone hotline. The mail formular is currently not covered by the SLA and processed on a best-efford base

3) Tutorial videos section that offers you screencasts, eLearning modules and other training videos.

4) Documents section where all user guides, technical documentation as well as any other help document will be available.

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